Self-designed 3D printed assistive devices in Europe

A REHAB-LAB is a fabrication laboratory integrated in a healthcare organisation where people with disability can design their own assistive devices using 3D printing. It is a person-centered care innovation using digital tools. REHAB-LAB-4U is an innovative solution “for you” as citizens and “for Europe” as a community of practices and values. The Digital Health Europe twinning is a crucial step to make this innovation a reality in Europe.

The objective of the REHAB-LAB-4U project is two-fold.  First, it will transfer the REHAB-LAB innovative concept (born in France) to 3 other European locations (Belgium, Denmark and Italy). Second, it will launch a collaborative IT platform to enable long-term collaboration. The global objective in the middle/long term is to enlarge the community with additional partners from all over Europe (after the twinning).

“Kerpape” (the originator) is one of the biggest rehabilitation centers in France and the only one with an electronic laboratory inside, where dedicated staff launched the REHAB-LAB initiative in 2016. Now a REHAB-LAB is in full operation and transfer has been completed to more than 10 other institutions in France.

The DHE twinning will allow the transfer to 3 adopters with different maturity levels:

  1. The City of Aarhus, Denmark, where the REHAB-LAB will be implemented in the institutions Handi’ka and DokkX, starting from scratch.
  2. The University Hospital of Liège, Belgium, where the rehabilitation unit is currently designing an “innovation lab” which will be enriched by a REHAB-LAB, bringing the patients to participate in this innovation process.
  3. The University of Modena, Italy, in conjunction with the University hospital, where a small fablab has already been started but which has crucial need for exchange of practices, networking and improvement of operations.

The adopters have different backgrounds and cultures, and are enthusiastic with reaching a common goal: creating an operational REHAB-LAB by the end of the twinning and being part of a European community. Actually, another deliverable of the REHAB-LAB-4U project is a common charter which will provide a framework to share values and processes notably about citizen/patient involvement.

Communication on the European Commission website

Contact via the REHAB-LAB community website